About the Mundane Revolution

Mundane (Common; ordinary; of or relating to this world or earth as contrasted with heaven)

Revolution (a sudden, complete or marked change in something)

The Mundane Revolution is all about reimagining the world through rethinking our shared societal assumptions. We have been conditioned to believe that things like war, violence, and poverty are necessary evils within human society. We have inherited a paradigm in which government and even God are mediated to us via institutional hierarchies. We have been imprisoned from within as we have failed to imagine that another world could even be possible.

The Mundane Revolution is an ordinary attempt by a common guy to challenge our shared assumptions, and spark our imaginations to envision a new world. How do we begin? Through conversation and the sharing of ideas. We can't underestimate the power of conversations, especially when those conversations cause us to begin to imagine new possibilities.

Revolutions normally refer to the exchange of power from one hierarchy to another through force of violence. Essentially, a new group of people with a new ideology ascends to power, and eventually becomes the new ruling elite. Same empire, different leaders. How might a Mundane Revolution differ? A Mundane Revolution might just consist of people who were more concerned with changing themselves than others; people who were concerned more about changing their own minds than the minds of others. The Mundane Revolution might just consist of a group who would eschew the tired and worn out methods of violence, and instead seek to establish a new world based on loving service and shared humanity. The Mundane Revolution is a baby step in learning to walk toward a new humanity, a new world, and a new way of relating to each other. I hope the conversations recorded here will help you begin to imagine a new world, and to help you see that you have an important place in it.